Tuesday, 8 January 2013


After having watched the film, I would like you to comment on some discussion questions I've come up with in the following VoiceThread.

  • Is Eva responsible for creating a child she sees as a monster, or was he a monster all along? Was Kevin evil from the very beginning?
  • Why is Eva suffering public reproof?
  • Does Eva come to realize why Kevin would harm other children or does she give up trying to understand?
  • Do you think Kevin's parents could have prevented his act of violence?
  • Do you think Kevin was born evil or was he brought up to be evil?
  • Why did he make use of a bow and an arrow to commit his heinous crime?
  • Why do you think that he didn't choose his mother as one of his victims?
  • Has Eva forgiven Kevin at the end of the film?
  • Should Kevin be tried as an adult and sentenced to life imprisonment? What about to death penalty?
  • Eva sees herself as a bad mother, was she one? 

Deadline: Sunday 13th January

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