Wednesday, 23 January 2013


As you already know, Dr.King Day was celebrated last Monday. Emir has prepared this lesson about him. Below you have one of his most famous speeches.  Let's watch it and reckon why he was one of the men that made a difference in history:


“I Have a Dream” Discussion Questions

1. What is Dr. King’s “dream”? 

2. How will southern states like Mississippi be transformed, according to this speech?

3. How does Dr. King think people should be “judged” or assessed? 

4. Why do you think he mentions “jail” several times in this speech? 

5. In the “let freedom ring” section, he mentions many different places in the U.S. What is the significance of this? 

6. Dr. King was a Baptist minister, a preacher. How is his faith reflected in the speech? 

7. How is this speech relevant today? Would you add anything to it? 

You can read the script for the speech here or watch the video with subtitles here:

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