Monday, 18 March 2013


One of the assignments for this term will be producing a short video clip in groups.

You'll have to work on the content, the script, the shooting and the production of your videos. They can be about anything, a piece of news (fact or fiction), an interview, an advertisement, a documentary, a short sketch.... It must be about 5 minutes long and you must create a .jpeg, .asf, .avi, .mp4 file to hand in by Wednesday 22nd May.

You need to be especially careful with the audio and make sure the video can be heard properly. 

You might also find some inspiration here.


We are facing the last term and we need to get to work before you become all stressed out with your final exams.
I would like to remind those of you who couldn't complete their 2nd or 1st term tasks, to do so for this 3rd term, as you're having a continuous assessment.
As you know, the final project has already been devised and you should start working on it. Check the instructions and guidelines in this post.
To get you in the right mood for the project, we are going to watch some Bollywood clips.

Click on the image below to go to the page and follow the instructions:

1. Choose one clip from a Bollywood film. Watch the clip several times.
2. In pairs or threes, write your script for the clip and assign the roles. 
3. Once everything is set, it is time to dub the clip. On the top right hand corner, choose "microphone" and when everybody is ready, click on "record". Remember you will all be using the same microphone, so hold in in your hands. 
Try to convey your character's personality through your voice. (If it is a woman and you are a man, you will have to simulate a woman's voice)
4. When you finish recording, click on stop, listen to the clip with your audio and if you are happy with it, fill in the information at the bottom. Give the clip a title, write your names, your email address, my email address and send it.

I'm sure we will spend a good time listening to them in the next lesson!!!

I need your videos by Thursday 4th or earlier, hopefully! 


You are going to hear the audio track from a short film. Listen very carefully and make a note of what you think you hear. Compare your notes with a partner and together construct a narrative to accompany the audio track.
You could use these expressions when sharing your guess:

"It could be..." / "It might be..." / "It can't be..."
"I think) it looks/sounds like ..." / "(I think) it looks/sounds more like ..."

Saturday, 2 March 2013


After all the past weeks of extended media coverage on Pope Benedict XVI's resignation, time has come to choose the new one.

Watch the following video and find out what it takes to be a Pope.
You can watch the video with the subtitles on because it goes a bit fast.
Send me a VoiceMail with your findings.

Deadline:  Friday 8th

(I imagine you must be all enraged about having two assingments for the week especially at this time of the term, but I'll let you the school computers on Tuesday or Wedensday to work on any of them in case you don't have time)

Have a look at the following impressive infographic from the Washington Post


Choose a trip by clicking on one of the postcards on the first screen, then listen to the SHORT trip diary and click on the notepad page to start writing. Once you've finished, click on "done" so that you can print out your work.
You can change the size of the text. Use the up and down arrows to move through what you write. 
Then go to cover page and design your cover page. 

Bring everything to me by Wedenesday 6th


Mind reader! Watch out!


How much do you share on the Internet?