Monday, 28 March 2011


Earth Hour Day was celebrated last Saturday 26th March all around the world. Did you know about it? Did you take part?
Go to Qwiki  and learn a bit more about the origins of the event.

Then watch the following video about Earth Hour 2011

Listen to the following piece of news from Breaking News English and fill in the gaps below:

Have a look at some pictures from different sites in the world before and after the event


You are going to learn how to prepare for and have a successful job interview.
Being prepared promotes confidence!
Most interviewers make their decision within the first three minutes, so make a terrific first impression.

Let's start by listening to a job interview and answer the question that follow.

Watch the following video giving you some advice about what it is expected from you at a job interview:

In teams you will find out information about one of the questions asked in the wiki webquest. Then, you will present it to the other class members in a 5-10-minute PowerPoint presentation or role play.

You will make up your own interview questions and then interview each other. Click here to dowload the questionnaire. Here you have more information on interview questions. Have a look at more sample questions here. You can read about some suggested answer to those questions here, too.

TASK 4: 

Step 1: Now, individually, you are going to download a job application and fill it in, you can get it by clicking here
Step 2: You will hand in your application form to your teacher; and later you will have an interview with her. You should dress as if you were going to apply for a real job interview. The way you are dressed will add up to your final grades; your teacher will set up the date for your interview.

Thursday, 24 March 2011


Try to fill the gaps in this song and pay attention to the use of will in the song

Do the following activities to learn about COULD, CAN, WILL BE ABLE TO.

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3 

Now play the following games to practise the use of CAN, COULD AND WILL BE ABLE TO

Try again with this other game:

Try the following quiz

Friday, 18 March 2011

Bombay TV

We are facing the last term and we need to get to work before you become all stressed out with your final exams.
I would like to remind those of you who couldn't complete their 2nd or 1st term tasks, to do so for this 3rd term, as you're having a continuous assessment.
As you know, the final project has already been devised and you should start working on it. Check the instructions and guidelines in the wiki.
To get you in the right mood for the project, we are going to watch some Bollywood clips.

Click on the image below to go to the page and follow the instructions:

1. Choose one clip from a Bollywood film. Watch the clip several times.
2. In pairs, write your script for the clip and assign the roles. 
3. Once everything is set, it is time to dub the clip. On the top right hand corner, choose "microphone" and when everybody is ready, click on "record". Remember you will all be using the same microphone, so hold in in your hands. 
Try to convey your character's personality through your voice. (If it is a woman and you are a man, you will have to simulate a woman's voice)
4. When you finish recording, click on stop, listen to the clip with your audio and if you are happy with it, fill in the information at the bottom. Give the clip a title, write your names, your email address, my email address and send it.

I'm sure we will spend a good time listening to them in the next lesson!!!

Thursday, 17 March 2011


Today we're going to read and listen about the earthquake and the tsunami that devastated the north-east coast of Japan and their immediate consequences. Learning a bit more about their tragedy will not help to even imagine what they must be going through, but we might become more aware of the seriousness of the situation.

1.- Go to Sean Banville's lesson on Japan's Nuclear Crisis  and put the sentences in the correct order to create a logical text

2.- Now listen to the news and try to fill in the blanks in Sean Banville's cloze activity. Send me the screenshot with your results.

3.- Now go to this section and try any of the Play activities there to learn more vocabulary.

Now have a look at some striking satellite images taken before and after the accidents and compare by yourselves.

You can watch this video from CNN Students News and read the script at the same time here

Sunday, 6 March 2011


During this term you've been making oral presentations of holiday celebrations that take place in different countries and cultures all over the world. I think most of you have worked hard on your projects but now it's time to know how much you have learnt about them. 

Click on this link to take the test. Don't forget to register with your full name and surname, please.

Also remember to upload your presentations to the wiki by March 11th.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


Let's get ready for next week's exam. Take the following challenges and tell me how you did in a comment.


Now revise the vocabulary with the help of the following flashcards. Follow this order: Flashcards, Scatter and Learn

Finally, try the following games starting by the FlashCard game.

Click here for larger version

Revise modal verbs with the following "Who wants to be a millionaire?"