Monday, 28 March 2011


You are going to learn how to prepare for and have a successful job interview.
Being prepared promotes confidence!
Most interviewers make their decision within the first three minutes, so make a terrific first impression.

Let's start by listening to a job interview and answer the question that follow.

Watch the following video giving you some advice about what it is expected from you at a job interview:

In teams you will find out information about one of the questions asked in the wiki webquest. Then, you will present it to the other class members in a 5-10-minute PowerPoint presentation or role play.

You will make up your own interview questions and then interview each other. Click here to dowload the questionnaire. Here you have more information on interview questions. Have a look at more sample questions here. You can read about some suggested answer to those questions here, too.

TASK 4: 

Step 1: Now, individually, you are going to download a job application and fill it in, you can get it by clicking here
Step 2: You will hand in your application form to your teacher; and later you will have an interview with her. You should dress as if you were going to apply for a real job interview. The way you are dressed will add up to your final grades; your teacher will set up the date for your interview.

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