Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Once more, you have an interview to watch and answer a few questions. This time it is Emma Watson on David Letterman's Show. You will probably know her for the Harry Potter films, but she's much more than than.

1.- Why is Emma Watson on the show?

2.- Why does Emma Watson recommend to read the Harry Potter books first and then watch the films?

3.- What is Emma Watson studying and where?

4.- Where is Noah's story in the Bible? How long is it?

5.- What is Noah's Ark in the film like?

6.- Where did they build the Ark for the film?

7.- Was it possible for anybody to see the Ark ?

8.- Who or what is Sandy?

9.- How is Emma Watson's character portrayed in the Bible?

10.- Does Emma Watson like to watch herself on the screen?

As usual, send me a voicemail with your answers.

Deadline: Wednesday 30th

Sunday, 6 April 2014


Short, easy task for you, guys, this week. You have to watch the interview from Jimmy Fallon to Shakira and then answer the ten questions about it orally. Read the questions and give the answers.

1.- In how many countries is Shakira's album number 1?
2.- Is her son Milan musical? Which instrument does he play?
3.- What is Milan's favourite pastime?
4.- What happened to Jimmy when he tried to play soccer for the first time?
5.- What happened to Shakira when she was 10?
6.- What did Shakira win at the singing contest?
7.- What kind of song can you find in Shakira's latest album?
8.- Who is Chris Martin?
9.- What is the relationship between Shakira and Chris Martin?
10.- What song does Shakira play on stage?
11. Do you like Shakira? Why? Why not?

Deadline: Thursday 10th