Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Once more, you have an interview to watch and answer a few questions. This time it is Emma Watson on David Letterman's Show. You will probably know her for the Harry Potter films, but she's much more than than.

1.- Why is Emma Watson on the show?

2.- Why does Emma Watson recommend to read the Harry Potter books first and then watch the films?

3.- What is Emma Watson studying and where?

4.- Where is Noah's story in the Bible? How long is it?

5.- What is Noah's Ark in the film like?

6.- Where did they build the Ark for the film?

7.- Was it possible for anybody to see the Ark ?

8.- Who or what is Sandy?

9.- How is Emma Watson's character portrayed in the Bible?

10.- Does Emma Watson like to watch herself on the screen?

As usual, send me a voicemail with your answers.

Deadline: Wednesday 30th

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