Saturday, 12 January 2013


Dear Students,

I don't know if you are a cinema goer and if you love the cinema as much as I do. The nominees for the Oscars 2013 are here!!! The Oscar ceremony will be held next February. There are 9 films nominated, but we cannot choose "Amour" because it isn't in English but French, so there are 8 possible candidates.

Your homework this week is very simple and really interesting. You have to go to the page below, click on the eight films nominated for best picture, read a liitle about the directos, the actors, the plot, etc, and watch the trailer for each one of them (about two minutes). Then you have to send me a voice mail about what you think of each one of the pictures, what kind of picture it is and your expectations about it. Finally you have to tell me which one you would like to watch and why. Don't forget to enter your email account to check my feedback later on.

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DEADLINE: 19 January
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And the winner is...

Les Miserables!

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