Tuesday, 22 January 2013


President Obama has just celebrated his second inauguration ceremony on Monday and this is a major events for American people and also for the rest of the world. It's always held on Janurary 20th unless the date falls on Sunday, in which case it's postponed to Monday.

You know it's his second and last term of office as USA Constitution clearly states. Many people have expressed hope and voiced their expectations for his second term, including moving health care forward and tackling issues like gun control, gay rights, the status of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

There are a lot of cool resources on his second oath but I would like you to have a look at the following.

  • The oaths from Washington to Obama Choose a couple of presidents and read about the details to their oaths. You also have the script to their speeches, which you will need for the last activity.

  • Watch President Obama's inaugurational speech and read the script at the same time. Now read 6 lines out of his speech. Make sure you listen to your partner's reading and continue where he/she left it. Let's see if we can all together read his whole speech. Careful with intonation!

    Check your marks and mistakes here. Highlights pronunciation mistakes whereas highlights intonation and stress mistakes
    Deadline: Sunday 27th


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