Sunday, 10 October 2010


As you all know, this year our school has a new assitant teacher as part of the Commenius Project we are involved in. She is going to help the English Department develop the oral competence in our students. 
You need to report to me about the lessons you have with her to make sure you know how to make the most of them. This time you just need to make a short comment on the voicethread below. Listen to my instructions.

Instructions for new students on how to use VoiceThread:

When you click on "Comment" you will be asked to sign in. Once you have signed in, you will be able to make your contribution. To comment click on the "comment" link. There you will have the choice of either recording your voice (microphone icon), typing your words (letter "A" icon), or using a web camera (camera icon). This time you will be using the mic. You can listen to your comment before saving. If you are happy with your recording, be sure to save. If not, hit cancel and you may re-record as many times as you wish. Please no inappropriate commenting.

Deadline: Thursday 14th October

Now listen to your classmates and make a comment about the voicethread you liked the best.



  1. ok! I'm just finished the voicethreat and I don't know if we must post a coment also so I put the coment and tomorrow we talk about right form to do the exercises because I don't understand clearly what we must to do ok let's go!
    czeck republic is a part of the old czeckoslovaquia that separated in 1933. Is near poland, germany, austria and slovakia and in economy they've got crowns for buy things that it is equals about 25 euros with this information you can change and buy important product there like budweisser, pilsner urquell, skoda products....
    at school they work and study hard during the year because they stay from 1st of september until the end of june. also I want to say that the marks are 1 the highest and 5 the lowest that's all!

    by sebas 2º bach A

  2. Her name isn't Teresa, It's Tereza! =)

  3. I did the voicethread this morning but I can't see it!! Is it all right?

  4. You should be able to see it. Just you and me can see it now. It's all right. Thanks, Victor

  5. Pablo de Yzaguirre17 October 2010 at 21:30

    I love Javier´s voice-thread, because it has a lot of information and he has a real nice russian accent. He also makes a subjective comment about going there so it has everything

  6. To me, Miguel Ángel, the best is Rocio's voice-thread because she has told about all the things we talked about

  7. OK, thanks Miguel Angel and Pablo for your comments and for doing your homework

  8. I think that Fran Anta's voice-thread is the best because he has told all the information that we learnt in Tereza's lesson and because he talks very clear and very well vocalized.

  9. Ohh teacher it's hard to decide... in one hand I think that Hector's is the best because his voice-thread has a lot of information but I can't understand some things, on the other hand Miguel Angel's voice-thread is shorter but I can understand everything that he say.

    Rocio Luna

  10. i have the same problem as rocio does,i like plablo izaguirre´s but i aslo like fran anta´s voicethread because he says everything teresa told us about her country
    i also like rocio´s she ha an angelical voice :)


  11. I think the best one was fran antas because it was the most complete one

  12. For me the best is Pablo´s (Yzaguirre)voicethreat for the pronunciation. So Fran A. has too much of informationin his voicethreat.

  13. I really like pablo's voicethread! I also like rocio's and hector's too. They have a lot of information and a good pronunciation.

  14. i like hector´s, becouse he has a lot of information of Tereza, and he speaks very well and clearly! MARIO LOZANO

  15. Hector's is very noisy, Edu sounds like he was bored and my favourite is Fran Anta's becouse of the information.It's complete.

  16. i like Hector's voice thread because i can understand it easy and it's well recorded.
    the one of Fran Anta is also good but its hard to listen

  17. I like Rocio's voicethrad because it very easy to understand and I can listen to it well. It also have a lot of information. Fran Anta's one is very complete but is more difficult to understand.

  18. Well it's dificult to say, but I think that the one that I like most is Rocio's voicethread, becouse her voice sounds very clearly and she vocalizes very well.

  19. I think Rocio's is the best voicethread, she speaks clearly and gives complete information, oh, and she underline the names of the places!

    Ivo's and Plabos Yzaguirre's are good too.

  20. I think the most complete voicetreat is Fran Anta's one, and the best in pronunciation are probably Hector and Pablos Yza's voicetreats!

  21. You see how easy doing homework is!!! I just hope next time you all do it on time!!
    There are a few mistakes in your posts I'd like to remark:
    Rocio: ON THE ONE HAND, ON THE OTHER HAND (very important for writings this year)...everything he sayS (you can't keep forgetting s)
    Pablo: Please, write VOICETHREAD correctly (=hilo de voz)..too much INFORMATION IN his...
    Fran G: also HAS....
    Fran A: ...she underlineS... SHE EMPHASIZES...
    Edu: Again, write VoicethreaD correctly, please. ...the best ONES...."
    Alvaro: he talks very clearLY