Tuesday, 5 October 2010


All right, I give in!!! You win!!! This year we'll be watching "How I Met Your Mother", which you all seem to love and which, I must admit, has made me laugh. 
However, you'll have to do something in return. As a thoughtful student suggested (J.P.), every week one of you will be in charge of presenting the vocabulary and idiomatic expressions for two of the episodes. 
To make things easier for you, here you have the site with the subtitles so that you can extract the list of words before the viewing. If you prefer, you can also read the script for each episode here.
Bring your vocabulary lists in your USB in a doc file so that I can keep and upload for everybody to revise. Try to focus on colloquial expressions and words that appear several times along the episode. Do not make a long list of words. One side of a sheet will be enough.
I hope you all enjoy it, learn new words and expressions and improve your listening skills.


  1. Just a side of a sheet for both chapters?

  2. No, it must be two different files, one for each chapter, and one side of a page for each chapter. Do not make it too small. We are going to project it. Good luck! If you could get the computer and the projector as well as the screen ready for the beginning of the classroom, it would be great.