Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Today, each one of you is going to listen to a story as many times as you need for comprenhension. Take notes while listening because you will have to retell your story to the rest of your classmates as detailed as possible using your own words.
Choose one of the following stories:

1.- The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne:

2.- Doctor Heidegger's Experiment by N. Hawthorne:

3.- A Municipal Report by O'Henry:

4.- The Exact Science of Matrimony by O' Henry:

5.- The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by W. Irving:

6.- The Devil and Tom Walker by W. Irving:

7.- Luck by Mark Twain:

8.- The Californian's Tale by Mark Twain:

9.- The Lady in Black by Eleanor Porter:

When we finish the activity you will read one extract of your story aloud (the first 15 lines, for example) in the VoiceThread below:

I hope you liked the activity. I think most of you really got to tell your story quite accurately and indeed you were speaking for a while, so I'm very satisfied with the outcome of this activity. I would like to know about your impressions. Please write a comment with them.

Now that we have finished with the first part of the activity, you can read the script of your story and read the first 15 lines aloud into the VoiceThread above in PERFECT ENGLISH!!!

Deadline:  Monday Nov 8th



  1. When I was trying to read the text of my story, I realized that the link didn't work =(

    Is this:


    Pablo G.

  2. ivo (the devil in person)7 November 2010 at 19:52

    well i did the voicetread, hope you enjoy my voicetread as much as i enjoyed doing it XDDD

  3. i think the sory was easy to understand, but it was a little bit more complicated to explain it to evreryone out loud in class, because not everyone has the same englis´level so i couldnt use some difficult words.
    i hope you liked the story.
    love forever
    Hector lol jk

  4. Hi teacher.
    I chose the same story than Hector, but I haven't get problems with not to explain the story with difficult word because I don't known them jejeje
    The story is interesting and not too difficult so I enjoyed although it was homework

  5. Hi! I'm Miguel,this has been a good way to know how you can understand just listening

  6. Hi teacher!
    I liked this activity, well, I prefer doing these activities than others in other classes.
    The story was good, maybe too many characters for a short story.
    What I have found most difficult was told it in class beecause I was nervous. Also in my old school we never talked, we always did theory (grammar).
    See you!

  7. I really liked this activity. The story was easy to understand, maybe a bit long, but tell the story was the hardest part because you are nervous.

  8. Hi teacher, I think that this activity is interesting because you can make you an idea about if you are good in listening or not, and the stories were interesting too.

    Rocio Luna

  9. Hi!, I´m Adri
    Well the activity was amusing, but the story was too long, and it was hard to take note during such a long time.
    tell the story was in my opinion the worst part of the activity, because you have to pay atencion everytime you repeat the text to pronunciation of all the single words

  10. I liked this activity because is a different thing to do and is also interesting. I had found my story easy because the storyteller spoke clearly and slowly so it was easy to understand.

  11. this exercise is really good for learn more vocabulary, expresions, and also is great to improve our pronunciation. I don´t like my mark teacher :( haha jk


  12. I think this exercise is usefull, you read it and you have to pronounce the words correctly