Wednesday, 20 October 2010


This time you are going to try Unit 5 in the BBC Site about /əʊ/ and /o/. 

If you think that is all you should know about phonetics, you are wrong. When you finish you can start taking the Quizzes  on that same page.

If you need extra explanation on any sound, click here and you'll get to learn how to pronounce all the symbols and sounds in English.

Write a comment on how you did with the quizzes.

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  1. hi teacher! I don't know if you order to do it yet becuase I didn't come to class for 2 days anyway I've just finished this new unit is more easy than the last because /əʊ/ and /o/ it's easy to differenciate: /o/ is like the pronunciation in spanish and /əʊ/ is like "ou" in spanish so yeah! that was nice! bye

    by sebas 2º bach A