Friday, 16 November 2012


Last Thursday Emir gave you a talk about the US Constitution, which I hope you enjoyed. Anyway, I felt really proud of you when I saw you there listening and taking notes. You should congratulate yourselves on how far you've got.
What you did is part of the key competences in the educative system, a very important one, in my opinion. Being able to follow, take notes and then retell what you heard is something you'll have to do at any time in your life. Moreover, you were doing it in a foreign language!!!
I'd like to thank Emir once more for making all this possible and for bringing a small piece of American History closer to you.

Now it's your turn to make a short summary of the talk given on the VoiceThread below. Make use of your notes to organize your speech. Try to speak clearly and slowly. Focus on pronunciation and grammar accuracy.
Deadline: Tuesday 20th November

And for those of you, lucky you! that went to Austria on the Comenius Project, I would like you to tell us all about it, about the experience, the people you met, the places you visited, the workshops you took part in..., how you felt...

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