Wednesday, 7 November 2012



As everybody knows, Barack Obama won the elections yesterday, becoming the 44th President of USA. I think Obama is not only a good politician, but also a great communicator. His speeches are always worth listening to. You can watch yesterday's victory speech here.


Now answer 10 of the following questions and send me a VoiceMail with your answers:

1.       What does Barack Obama say about people waiting in a line for long to vote?

2.       Who did Obama call after he won the elections?

3.       What does he want to talk about with Senator Romney?

4.       Who is Joe Biden?

5.       What year did Obama get married?

6.       How many inhabitants are there in the United States?

7.       Complete: But despite all our differences…

8.       What professions does the worker’s child in North Carolina want?

9.       What challenges can Obama only solve if he Works together with the other parties?

10.   What makes America great and exceptional?

11.   Why does Obama mention New York and New Jersey?

12.   What happened to a family in Ohio?

13.   Complete the sentence: “something better awaits us so long as we have the courage to keep __________, to keep __________, to keep __________.

14.   Finish the sentence: “You can make it here in America if…”

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