Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sense it!

Our senses allow us to enjoy our food, the sound of music, the beauty of a sunny day, the softness of a child's hair -- in short, our lives!

Let's review the vocabulary you studied in unit 4 in your books related to the senses.

1.-I bet you didn't know there was an American holiday that celebrates the sense of smell. Listen to the extract and fill in the blanks. If you click on the Hint ? Button, you'll get the number of words needed for each gap.


2.- Now review the words and expressions studied in Unit 4 before your written test.

3.- Finally, have fun with these optical illusions. Do not just browse through the different images. It's very important that you read through the instructions and act accordingly. But before starting, who can tell me where the hidden tiger is?


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