Sunday, 15 January 2012


Being writing one of the most difficult skills for students to master, you are going to start writing short texts about the topic suggested on a regular basis.

Being short does not mean making less effort. You need to be creative and write well-crafted paragraphs in correct English. Try to make use of the vocabulary and structures studied so far according to your level.

I have created a collaborative document where you will all type your essays and where I will make my corrections and feedback. Type your essay here.

The pictures below are the first writing task for you to accomplish along the week. You have been studying modals in the course book, so I hope you can use them in your writings. Do not write more than two paragraphs on the whole. Choose the picture that inspires you more.

Deadline: Saturday 21st

As the firewall won't let us access the online document, you can see your mistakes and corrections here

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