Monday, 23 January 2012


I hope you are enjoying the book assigned to you this year.
It is an exciting and powerful thriller of murder and suspense.
You are going to start working on a document divided into the three parts of the book. You have to make some kind of contribution in the document. You don't have to answer all the questions, but all of you have to take part in some way. You can answer the questions already asked by me, or you can ask some yourselves. You can give your opinion, write new words you have learnt...

Below you can find the document where you will all be typing your comments. I hope this comes useful as writing practice and to help you understand the book better. Don't forget to write your name after your contribution.

                                                                      PART 1

                                                    Click here to download document 1

                                                      Deadline: Saturday 28th

                                                                         PART 2

                                                  Click here to download document 2

                                                        Deadline: Monday 6th

                                                                     PART 3 

                                                 Click here to download document 3
                                                    Deadline Monday 13th

Reading Test: February 20th

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