Sunday, 8 January 2012


I hope you enjoy the book assigned to you this year. The simple fact of reading an unabridged book in English will be quite a feat for most of you and surely I will know how to acknowledge it.
In class we will comment on the book every week and you are going to think of some questions for each of the chapters of  "Divergent" which we will discuss in class on Fridays. You must read a minimum of 5 Chapters every week.
In order to help you collaborate and make this task more interesting, I have created a document where you will type out your questions and you will share them. In this way, all of you will know the questions your classmates have asked. Don't forget to include your name when you make your contribution. The final test will be based on some of these questions. So take good notice!
You can also contribute to the document by answering some of the questions or by writing down a glossary of new words in their context.

If you click on the image below you will be taken straight to the document with the questions. I have typed a couple of them as an example. 

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