Thursday, 27 May 2010


Create your own AnimationAs part of your speaking marks for this final term you must have a conversation with your teacher. I know!! Oral exams are always irritating and stressful for you. So to make things easier, you will have the chance to have a say in the questions you may be asked. Just go to the document I have already started and write down any other questions or topics you would feel like talking about in the oral exam. Keep the same format and try to avoid mistakes when you type in the questions.
Check the exam dates in the calendar. 
In class today you have drawn lots for your turns in the exam and below you can read the names and dates for each one of you:
4th June (1st day): Rocío, Fran G., Diana, Guilherme, Alvaro, Ivo, Victor D.
10th June (2nd day): Fran A., Víctor S., Mario, Marta, Javier, Laura, Eduardo.
You may continue editing the questionnaire. 

Monday, 24 May 2010


In the VoiceThread below you have to answer 10 questions orally. The questions are related to the topics studied in the student's book along the year. They are divided into three different sections and you must answer at least two questions in each section to complete a total of 10 questions.
Try to anwer the questions in correct English. Try to speak as much as possible using the structures and the vocabulary studied this year. Speak slowly and clearly. Be careful with your pronunciation and don't get nervous!!! It will be me just listening to you...!


In the VoiceThread below you have to answer 10 questions orally. The questions are related to the topics studied in the student's book along the year.
Try to anwer the questions correctly by making short simple sentences. Speak slowly and clearly. Be careful with your pronunciation and don't get nervous!!! It will be me just listening to you...!


Wow!! Where did the school year go? We are about to end another school year and this always means EXAMS!!!
Time has come to revise and prepare for your finals. I know this is quite a stressful situation but don't panic: you still have time to train for them. This time I I would like to help you with the revision for the grammar exams at all levels.
In the following link you will find a page with a lot of grammar practice organized into different grammar items. All the exercises contain immediate feedback. Please go to that item of grammar you think you need to revise for your final exam and try the exercises. If you make too many mistakes in one particular item of grammar, you might need to do some extra revision. You can go to the grammar reference and clear up your doubts.
Hope you find this useful and thanks to the teacher who made this site possible.

Saturday, 22 May 2010


Conditional Clauses are all around us, they are part of our lives. They are widely used in advertising or awareness campaigns, for example.

Let's revise how to express condition in English.
Watch the following presentation and pay attention to the uses and the verb patterns used in each type of condition.

Let's do some practice.

CONDITIONALS TYPE 1: Exercise 1, Exercise 2

CONDITIONALS TYPE 2: Listen to the song, Exercise 1 

TYPES 1 + 2: Exercise

CONDITIONALS TYPE 3: Exercise 1,  Exercise 2

ALL TYPES: Type I, II & III + Exceptions


Now try the Fling the Teacher Game

Check your understanding on Conditionals with the following quiz 

Now let's listen to some examples of conditionals used in different songs:

Now go to If it were my home , a site which compares living conditions in your country with those of another and imagine what your life would be like if a different country were your home.

You can compare countries in the following infographic by Newsweek

Expressing Wishes and Regrets

Uses Of `I Wish´ And if only

Make sure you've understood by making the following exercises on Wish 

Sunday, 16 May 2010


Unfortunately we have got used to hearing about misbehaviour in the classroom and even violence on the part of students. Sometimes, however, things can go really far.
Listen to the following piece of news about a teacher in UK who has been accused of attacking a student and try to fill in the blanks. Write down the missing words in the voicethread below:

A teacher in England is on ______________ for attacking a teenage student with a metal dumbbell. Peter Harvey, 50, is ______________ charges of attempted murder for the attack, which took place in July, 2009. The student, who cannot be named for ______________ reasons, suffered a fractured skull and severe cuts to his face. The boy, then 14, was repeatedly hit on the head with the 3kg ______________. He was left unconscious and ______________ to hospital. Students who witnessed the attack said Harvey’s anger seemed to give him ______________ power. They told the court that he was screaming, “die, die, die” as he was hitting the youngster. Harvey ______________ attempted murder but has admitted causing serious bodily harm. The case is a ______________ talking point among teachers and students in England.

The media reports the boy was a ______________ troublemaker in the class. He has a long ______________ of disrupting lessons. The court heard the boy received a disciplinary ______________ nine times last year. Reports are he would try to make Mr Harvey angry and then use his mobile phone to take videos of him. He then mailed the video around the school. The ______________ bad behaviour caused Harvey to take time off work with ______________ health problems. He told a colleague he wanted to harm someone. A counsellor told him he was too ______________ and needed to let his anger out. The ______________ asked the boy whether he thought it was funny to try to make a teacher angry who had been off ill. The boy replied: "There was nothing funny about him. What was ______________ was we were just having a good time with our friends."

Wednesday, 5 May 2010



Share that book you particularly enjoyed with others.

Let's recommend books we have read to other students. Tell everyone a little bit about the book and why it is worth reading. Tell them about your feelings when reading the book.

Try to sound natural and talk about the book, do not read your commentary. Due date: 17th May