Monday, 24 May 2010


Wow!! Where did the school year go? We are about to end another school year and this always means EXAMS!!!
Time has come to revise and prepare for your finals. I know this is quite a stressful situation but don't panic: you still have time to train for them. This time I I would like to help you with the revision for the grammar exams at all levels.
In the following link you will find a page with a lot of grammar practice organized into different grammar items. All the exercises contain immediate feedback. Please go to that item of grammar you think you need to revise for your final exam and try the exercises. If you make too many mistakes in one particular item of grammar, you might need to do some extra revision. You can go to the grammar reference and clear up your doubts.
Hope you find this useful and thanks to the teacher who made this site possible.

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  1. Exams period is many best enemy. I don't really like to go to school because I don't want to go to school.