Thursday, 27 May 2010


Create your own AnimationAs part of your speaking marks for this final term you must have a conversation with your teacher. I know!! Oral exams are always irritating and stressful for you. So to make things easier, you will have the chance to have a say in the questions you may be asked. Just go to the document I have already started and write down any other questions or topics you would feel like talking about in the oral exam. Keep the same format and try to avoid mistakes when you type in the questions.
Check the exam dates in the calendar. 
In class today you have drawn lots for your turns in the exam and below you can read the names and dates for each one of you:
4th June (1st day): Rocío, Fran G., Diana, Guilherme, Alvaro, Ivo, Victor D.
10th June (2nd day): Fran A., Víctor S., Mario, Marta, Javier, Laura, Eduardo.
You may continue editing the questionnaire. 

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