Saturday, 22 May 2010


Conditional Clauses are all around us, they are part of our lives. They are widely used in advertising or awareness campaigns, for example.

Let's revise how to express condition in English.
Watch the following presentation and pay attention to the uses and the verb patterns used in each type of condition.

Let's do some practice.

CONDITIONALS TYPE 1: Exercise 1, Exercise 2

CONDITIONALS TYPE 2: Listen to the song, Exercise 1 

TYPES 1 + 2: Exercise

CONDITIONALS TYPE 3: Exercise 1,  Exercise 2

ALL TYPES: Type I, II & III + Exceptions


Now try the Fling the Teacher Game

Check your understanding on Conditionals with the following quiz 

Now let's listen to some examples of conditionals used in different songs:

Now go to If it were my home , a site which compares living conditions in your country with those of another and imagine what your life would be like if a different country were your home.

You can compare countries in the following infographic by Newsweek

Expressing Wishes and Regrets

Uses Of `I Wish´ And if only

Make sure you've understood by making the following exercises on Wish 

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