Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Continuing with the same topic, you're going to work in groups to provide some useful information to your classmates about jobs and job interviews.

Surf the Internet and present the information you've found to your partners in class through a 5-10 minute talk. Try to make them take part in your presentation by asking them questions or giving them a task.

1.- Best jobs in the world.  
        Don't miss the following sites: Site 1 and Site 2

2.- Most asked interview questions.


 4. No stupid questions

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  1. 1.- Ines, Guillermo, Paula
    2.- Sergio, Ivan, Manuel
    3.- Jose, Ricardo, Isaac
    4.- Lucía, Zoraida, Maria
    5.- Nora, Laura D. Miriam, Paola
    6.- Laura J. , Carmen, Irene