Thursday, 27 February 2014


Here you have an interview by Jimmy Fallon, a famous American presenter to David Beckham. They don't talk much about football, though. Whether you like Beckham or not, take a few minutes to listen to the interview and these questions in a VoiceMail.
Enjoy your weekend! And don't study too hard!!!

1.- Why is David Beckham on Jimmy Fallon's Show? 

2.- Where is David's family at the moment?

3.- How old is David's daughter?

4.- What happened when David went to see his son's soccer game? 

5.- Why was Romeo crying at the end? 

6.-What does Jimmy say about David's underwear? 

7.- What is special about David's commercial at the Super Bowl?

8.- Are all the 12 eggs the same? 

9.- What does each contestant have to do? 

10.- Who wins the competition and why? 

Deadline: Friday 7th March

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