Tuesday, 18 June 2013


As the school year gets to an end, I would like to publish and share some of my students' work along the year, which I'm most proud of. It's what students get to do rather than what a teacher does in a lesson that really matters to me.

1st ESO

This year I had a very enthusiastic group of students who got engaged in several proyects.

They created a town brochure on Glogster.

They worked on a project about their families with Brainshark

They wrote a story about a holiday with Storybird

And they created their own comic strips among other activities. Well done, guys!

3rd ESO

They created their self-portraits on Eduglogster

They wrote survivor stories and created a Brainshark presentation


They wrote about their lifestyles and created short books on Storybird

This is the 3rd edition of ESL NewsPaper by 4th year students:

They wrote their own life stories
They did some research through the Internet about Extraordinary People with Disabilities and created a ThingLink Proyect:

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