Friday, 5 April 2013

What does "TO CODE" mean?

Students, this is the first assignment of the final term and at this point I needn't tell you how important it is to carry out all the tasks suggested. This week I think the subject may be quite interesting for you. Notice this assignment has two different parts. Good luck and enjoy it!

Please watch the full video and then send me a voicemail with your thoughts and answers to the questions below:

1.- What is coding about?

2.- What qualities do you need to be able to code?

3.- Why is learning to code so important and exciting? When should you start learning?

4.- Famous programmers tell us about their experience. Comment on three of them.

7.- What is their job like? What about those cool working spaces?

8.- What are the benefits of learning to code?

9.- What is coding compared to?

10.-  Would you be interested in learning to code if a class were offered in school?

Now listen to the following extract and fill in the blanks. Send me a screenshot with your results.

DEADLINE: Thursday 11th

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