Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Time is coming to say good-bye to students in APLE2 since the school year will soon be over for you and you will be starting a much more exciting and real period in your lives. You will step into the world to forge your own paths in life, which I am sure you will find, however difficult you might find it now. 
I wouldn't like to see you off without letting you know you've been a special group of students who I've really enjoyed teaching. Unlike the ordinary English subject, not being subjected to a text book has given me the chance to deal with a wide variety of topics and current affairs which I hope you found interesting. Your suggestions and initiative have undoubtedly made the task easier. I would also like to acknowledge your willingness to take part in all the activities, although some of them were quite embarrassing for some of you - I'm thinking of last year's sketches. I hope that you feel your English has improved after these two years in APLE. 
However, I won't let you go without setting your last assignment. This time I would like you to WRITE, something I haven't asked you to do in these two years, except for some commentaries in the blog. I would like you to write farewell letters leaving your testimony about what the years spent at Galileo Galilei have meant to you. You could think of how you felt when you were the new freshmen at the school and how you feel now that you are about to leave. You could write about any anecdotes or memories you have of all these years and give advice to the newcomers who will read your letters. Write them in the wiki and I will post them in the blog later on. Show them how good you really are!

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