Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Since you're about to take the first of the last two listening tests in the year, today you'll be doing some listening practice in the following sites:

1. - Take the following test after listening to a conversation between a customer and a shop assistant.

2.- Try one first certificate listening test here.

3.- Select the level you feel more at ease and choose one dictation.

4.- Finally you're going to choose at least three senior students who were asked about their 10-year plans and write a comment with the details.


  1. Nathan Rebelo 17 - wants to be an architect so that he can design buildings, wants to spread his wings.
    Alysia Cazares 17 - work in psychology, her parents can't speak to eachother.
    Marvin Villas 18 - enlist in the army to be a pilot, he wants to know everything about the planes..

  2. I´ve Chosen: Salome Zamora, because his cause is very noble, baking marijuana cakes is not an easy task.

    Elivia Freeman because she knows what she wants and hows she wants it.She wants to be a neonatal nurse and settle down quickly

    Damian Dumas wants to be a school counselor, he looks up to the counselor he had back in high scool, and he likes to show people he cares

    Pablo De Yzaguirre

  3. Salome Zamora
    He wants to be a marijuana baker, doing all kind of marijuana pies, cookies, and all that stuff to help people with medical problems.
    Nathan Rebelo
    He wants to be an architect, his dream is to go downtown and can say people: "I designed that building". He wants to study to USA.
    Jana Tran
    She wants to finish her degree and become a photographer. He doesn't want to be wealthy, but she wants to be financially stable. She says that she usually uploads photos to flickr, and people says they like her work.

  4. Elivia  She want to be a nurse working in a hospital with the newborns. She don’t know what she really want to be in the future.

    Nathan  He want to be a architect, design homes, driving downtown. He spect go to a school in San Diego. He want go out, without his family.

    Raquel  She is a insecure person, but she want to be a hair and make-up artist in movies. She want to help other girls, talk with him and solve their problems.

  5. SUPeRMARIO LOZANO13 April 2011 at 13:13

    Elvira Freeman

    1.she wants to work in a hospital as a neonatal nurse. She doesn`t it will be so wealthy, she wants to be confortable.

    Salomé Zamora
    2. he wants to promove smoking marijuana for disabled people who have strong pain

    3. she had problems with her nees, and when she went to the therapist,she thougth that they were Gods, and she found physical pherapies so interesting, and she doestn´t interested in a high-stress job.

  6. Andrea Patterson, 18,she wants to be a army veterinarian because she loves animals, she would like to take care of cats dogs and marine animals... and she is not rich,so if she gets in the army they will pay her for her college. She wants to leave San Diego.

    Andrew Benedict Philipp, 17, he is excited about what he could do in the future, because he could do amazing thinks in the future. He is undecided

    Zach Peterson, 18, his dream is to be somewhere in the fild of microbiologist doing research in the laboratory, he wants to do researchs to find cures for diseases like cancer, his grandmother has cancer and thats a motivation to him.

  7. Salomoe Zamora, 17 years old, wants to be wants to be a marijuana baker to help people who cant get
    normal help.
    Nathan Rebelo, 17 years old, wants to be architect, design buildings to show the peole his designed buildings.
    Damian Dumas, 18 years old, wants to be a school counselor, he wants to talk people and show show he cares

  8. Raquel Reynolds: she wants to be hair and make up artist for actress on movies, her grandmother worked on that job and is something she likes, morover she is shy and she wants to help other shy actress with her job

    Tudel Riek: he wantsto be sport executive or proffesional trainer, he is studing a lot to get an stable jobbecause his family, who are from Sudanworked hard to give him an education

  9. Álvaro Megías13 April 2011 at 13:20

    Nathan Rebelo, 17

    He wants to show his family a building of the downtown and say that he designs it
    He wants to discover who he is and spread his wings

    Andrew Benedict-Philipp, 17

    He wants to do simple things in his future. He liked if there was only a button that said wealthy or not wealthy

  10. Elivia Freeman wants to work in a hospital as a neonatal nurse because she wants to be comfortable with her job.

    Tri Le wanted to be a pilot but his eyes aren't very good so he has decided to be a doctor because they have fame and wealthy.

    Carli Harwood wants to be a physical therapist because she doesn't want a stressful job.

  11. Tri Le, he's 18, he's been living in America for 4 years, he wanted to be a pilot, but he couldn't because of his eyes, so he will be a doctor.

    Shauna Casale, she's 17, she wanted to be actress in major movies, like big stars.

    Samantha Jensen, she first wanted to be teacher but she decided not to study ir because it don't make much money. She loved medical TV shows so she became pediatrician.