Thursday, 18 November 2010


These are the titles of the books you will be reading along this school year. Look at your course and level to know a little more about it. Ask your teacher about the book you must read according to your level.  Have fun!

1º ESO

"Vampire Killer" Ed. Oxford (Starter Level) 1ºESO. LOWER LEVELS

'I am a vampire killer . . . and now I need help,' says Professor Fletcher to Colin. Colin needs a job and he needs money - but do vampires exist or is the professor crazy?

"Kidnap" Ed. Oxford (Starter Level) 1ºESO. ALL LEVELS

One cold winter morning, a famous movie star and her teenage daughter are driving along a country road...

A blue van is waiting for them. Tom is in the van, but he's not a kidnapper - he's an artist. He usually draws pictures for adventure stories. Now he's in a real life adventure.

"Tales of the Alhambra" Ed. Burlington  1ºESO. HIGHER LEVELS (VOLUNTARY)

Travel back in time to the Alhambra, a place of magic and mystery. Peregil, a water carrier, discovers an ancient spell to recover hidden treasure, but he isn't the only one looking for it. Don Vincent, a poor student, finds a magic ring that leads him to the treasure of the Alhambra. Ibrahim, an Arabian astrologer, helps King Aben Habuz conquer his enemies, but the king must pay the price. Washington Irving will captivate you with this collection of popular tales. 

 2º ESO

"The Curse of the Mummy" Ed. Oxford (Dominoes One) 2º ESO ALL LEVELS

For thousands of years the dead body of the young king Tutankhamun slept under the sands of Egypt. Then, in the autumn of 1922, Howard Carter and his friends find and open his tomb door. These are exciting times, and Carter's young helper Tariq tells the story in his diary.

But soon people begin to die. Who or what is the killer? Is Tutankhamun angry with them for opening his tomb? And who is the beautiful French girl with the face of Tutankhamun's long-dead wife?

"Tales from the Thousand and One Nights" Ed. VicensVivens (Black Cat Step 1) 2º ESO ADVANCED LEVELS (VOLUNTARY)

A selection from the famous collection of Oriental stories known as the One Thousand and One Nights, including the classic favourites Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves and Sindbad the Sailor.
Travel through the streets of old Baghdad, around luxurious palaces and fragrant gardens in India, to desert islands in the China seas… all in the company of kings, sultans, princesses, merchants, enchanted horses, sailors and thieves.

 3º ESO

"K's First Case" Ed. Longman. 3ºESO. HIGHER LEVELS 
Sir Michael Gray is the victim of a murder and he was very rich. Katrina Kirby - or K as she is called - is a detective and she wants to find out who the murderer is. But there are lots of suspects.This is K’s first case. Can you help her find the murderer?

4º ESO 


Fifteen-year-old Sam is an ordinary, nice kid. He gets along pretty well with his single mom, who had him when she was 16. He does OK in school, and has a few not-very-close friends. He likes to skateboard, and idolizes Tony Hawk, whose poster he talks to about his troubles. He meets a pretty girl, Alicia, and they start a passionate relationship. After a while the passion cools, and they split up. But then Alicia discovers she is pregnant, and she is determined to have and keep the baby. So begins a journey for which neither of them is ready.


"The Short Cut" Ed. Stanley. (Level 1) 4º ESO. LOWER LEVELS

In this thrilling story set in an African country devastated by war, a youn girl fights for her father's life taking a [shortcut = atajo] to maturity. Topics for reflection and discussion: family arguments, generational gap, therealization of what really matters in life. 

 1º BTO

"A Kiss Before Dying" Ed. Macmillan. ALL GROUPS.

A powerful, hard-hitting adult story of murder and suspense by one of America's foremost novelists, which since its publication in 1954, has been made into several very successful feature films.

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