Friday, 19 November 2010


Below you can find the newspaper created from the news reports written by students in 4th ESO in 2010 and 2011 and published in issuu. 

Read ONE of the reports and make a comment below explaining what the news is about and give your opinion


  1. In my opinion this tragedy is very striking and moving because the eyes and her words impact everyone. Also, we can see the bad things that happen in Colombia due to natural tragedies.
    By Diego Gil

    The history that I read, it treats of one ship that it was crossing the artic. Suddenly a polar bear, was saving his life, because the ship broke the ace around him. Finally the ship stopped and the polar bear survived.
    I think that history is stiking and unusual, because the ship hardly ever stop, so the bear will be died.
    By Alejandro Jiménez

  3. I've read the article called "Different but equal". I like it, I think it's curious how they talk about how they went to a different country and saw it, though it doesn't happen now. The story is striking and disturbing.
    By Adrián Jiménez.

  4. I've read the history called ¨On fire¨. I have chosen to read this history because I caught my attention how they tell the history and the bravery and courage. I think this photo is striking and colourful.
    By Sara Pacheco.

  5. I have read "a striking accident" and I think that it's a very good story. This story talk about an accident that happened in a exhibition of the " Eagle patrol". When they were making the exhibition a pilot lose control of his plane and it crashed. I think that the photo is really striking but I like the final of the story because there wasn't any death in this terrible accident.
    By Rocío Álvarez

  6. I've read "40 spanish soldiers killers".This story talk about a lot of spanish soldiers killed when a bomb eploded in the Herat base, this bomb was placed by AlQaeda terrorists. This story and this image was striking and moving because there were many dead spanish.
    By Patricia Álvarez

  7. I have read "a striking accident". Last year in the national axhibition in U.S.A, one pilot lose the control and the plane fell. Finally, nobody died.
    I think that history is dramatic and striking.
    By Sara Soria.

  8. I've read "Different but equal". I've chose this one because I think it is interesting.Is shocking to think that this is hapening in some countries,Racism is a problem.I think this image is striking.
    By Elena.

  9. I´ve read "A HORRIBLE EVENT". I´ve chosen this photo, bacause I watched her in the news television and dramatic for me. I think this image is striking, moving, terrible and natural.
    By Sara Carrascosa

    This story talk about the funeral of 40 Spanish soldier killed in Afghanistan when a bomb exploded in the Herat Base. The masacre began when two terrorist put the bomb in the base. I think this photo is a dramatic, moving and stiking.
    By Daniel Muñoz.

  11. I've read "DIFFERENT BUT EQUAL".I've chosen this article because the photo was dramatic and striking.I don't believe that this problem exist yet. Many countries have a big problem with racism and I think that this problem has change.
    By Natalia Paula Chytkowska

  12. the history I`ve read is "An striking accident".This history talk about an a plane that crashed in an exhibition of the Eagle Patrol in the U.S.A, luckyly the pilot managed to get out of the plane, he save his live and the exhibition continued.
    By Ignacio Chivo Yuste

  13. The story I read(Polar bear in trouble) talks about a bear in the artic. He was trying to save his life because a ship was breaking the ice. He began to fight, and he was hurt. Fortunately, the bear survived, and the crew took him to a zoo.
    By Rafael Marina Castellano

  14. ON FIRE
    The story I read talks about a school in Sevilla which it got fire. The people call the firemen because they were worried that someone could be traped in to the building. The firemen started to put the fire out. Finaly nobody was hurt but the school was destroyed.

  15. Antonio Fernández23 November 2010 at 19:37

    I've read the ''Polar beard in trouble'', it's about a polar beard who was fighting against a big ship in the artic for save his life. In my opinion this a very nice and interesting photo what shows us the destruction of the humans and the fight for survive of de animals.
    By Antonio Fernández.

  16. Hi Ana!
    Sorry for the wait!!
    I read "Polar beard in trouble"
    The news tell us about the history of a polar beard that lived a terrible moment when a big ship break the ice where he was looking for food!
    The animal wanted for save his life so he began to run and then he fought and got hurt!
    Finally the animal was save and he was taken to a zoo.
    This experience show us how the wildest nature is in contact with us.For me is also sad...
    By María Ruiz

    Those news speak about a strange thing that happened 4 days ago. They went to the Lonch Ness and the saw one animal, maybe a monster. They throw food but it didn´t appeared again. Suddenly, it apperaed and thay made the photo. It is very strange, some people believe them and are investigating in it.
    By Vera Jiménez Egido 4ºB