Sunday, 18 April 2010


Lyrics Training is an easy and fun method to learn and improve your foreign languages skills like English through the music and lyrics of the songs. You just need to register with an email account. Once you're registered, choose a video and beginner game mode. The video will stop after each verse so that you can write the missing words. 
You can always listen to the line again by pressing backspace key.
If you don't understand a word, press tab key to jump to the next.
If it is too difficult, you can click on translate at the bottom of the video and after choosing Spanish you'll be able to see the lyrics in Spanish, which will be of great help. 
Have a good time!!!                  
Try this at home if the school widthband is not quick enough.


  1. Hello
    I think this is an interesting web, you can learn the lyrics of the songs...
    I did some songs of metallica, and i tried one of a german group called rammstein, it was hard to do.
    But the worst thing is that when you get the points, it takes a long time to upload to your score.

  2. hi, I am Mario. lyrics training is a program from internet, in this program you can listen songs and complete some words in blanks. in my opinion is very, very bored, and a bit difficult! i don´t like it at all, because it uses very complicated english!