Monday, 5 April 2010


Welcome back after the Easter break to practise your listening and speaking skills. This time we are going to use English Central.

First of all you'll need to register with your nickname (use your whole name as nickname),  mail account and password. Now you are part of my group of students. Go to Videos and click on Ana Mendez (Galileo Galilei) Channel.

Choose at least three videos in my channel of your interest and record your voice to obtain the highest number of points over this week. To start with, your challenge for this week is 2,400 points.


To do it properly, the best way is:

1.- Try watching all the video hiding the subtitles. If it is too difficult, you can make use of the subtitles the second time you watch it.

2.- Click on "Pause video after each line", play the line as many times as you want (you can even hear the line slowed down) and then click on the red "record" button to record your voice.

3.- When you have finished, click on stop and see the result. If the words are yellow, it means you didn't pronounce them properly. If you click on the yellow word, you will listen how it should be pronounced and how you did it.

For the moment, use practise mode and not quiz mode, which is a bit more difficult.


  1. Congratulations,Guilherme.You were the very first to accomplish your challenge. Well done!!

  2. What can I say about your results, Ivo!! YOu went way beyond your record with 10,000 points! WELL DONE!!

  3. supose i am first to complete the chalenge for next week :-D

  4. Please, Ivo, I'm begging you to STOP NOW!!! I promise you are the first one in next week's challenge already!! 27,000 points is more than enough!!!

  5. Well done, Mario! You completed the challenge on time! Hope you enjoyed some of the videos.

  6. Marta and Rocio also completed their challenge on time! Good for you!!!

  7. As for the rest: Diana is close to complete the challenge with 1,835 points today.
    However the following students haven't even started their challenge: Alvaro, Eduardo, F. Anta,
    Javier, Laura, V. Sanchez, V. Diaz.
    Let me remind you once more that this is the final term and I strongly recommend you to do all the proposed tasks.

  8. Guilherme, what went wrong with your score? It's gone!!!!!

  9. I'm glad you also did it, V. Diaz!!!

  10. I've been able to see your score now, Laura. You completed the challenge!

  11. Alvaro, F. Galisteo and Javier also managed to do it!! Just on time!!!

  12. V. Sanchez & Edu have also done the task on time. I hope you enjoyed some of the videos.

    So the only one to fail to complete the challenge on time has been F ANTA, although he got 1,656 points before the due date and the rest immediately after.

    So generally speaking, I'm happy with the result of the activity. I would like to hear your impressions about it in the Voicethread I've created for this week's challenge.