Sunday, 24 January 2010


I'm pretty sure you have heard of Stephanie Meyer, authoress of the Twilight Saga and some of you will have read some of her books, if not all. In the video below you can listen to her talking about her three books: Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. You will also have the chance to know a little bit more about her life. Watch the video and take notes of what you think is relevant about her interview. Further on I will ask you to answer some questions orally about what she says in the interview.

Don't despair if you don't get to understand every single word in the interview. A general idea of what she says should be enough to do your task later on.

Now it's time to take out your notes and answer the questions about the interview on the Voicethread below.

Questions and Answers Key

Feedback on Stephanie Meyer's Voicthread

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  1. Hello, or better, good morning Ana!

    I have tried to record in my computer. I have tried with voice thread and audacity too. But there's no sound. I have tried with three diferent microphones and there's no sound. Tomorrow I'm gonna try with another computer. I'm sorry.