Thursday, 21 January 2010


  Now that we've been studying modal verbs for a while, it's time for you to revise and make sure you have grasped them. Watch the following presentation and do the activities below.

Modal verbs-
View more presentations from amef0011. Watch the following video and use modal verbs to speculate about the trick
Do the some of the modal activities on the following websites for some practice English Grammar Lessons
Grammar Practice on Modal Verbs
  Now take the following challenge and tell me how well you know Modal Verbs:

Modals for the Past 1
Modals for the Past 2What could have happened?
Are you good at Modal Verbs now? What about basketball? Are you also good at basket? Prove it here.Try the Snakes & Ladders Game on Mixed Modals.

Finally, let's take the following competition game. Divide into two groups and try to get the highest number of points by answering the most difficult questions.

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