Sunday, 20 October 2013


Now that you have given your opinion about the influence of the Internet on languages, I would like you to watch this video where David Crystal, a well-known professor of linguistics and important editor for Cambridge University Press, proves his theory on a BBC programme called "It's Only a Theory", his theory being: "Texting is good for the English language". 

Take note of his arguments to prove his theory and send me a SpeakPipe with the main arguments in his theory. Do you think he made his point?

Deadline: Tuesday 29th

It is a fact that texting has become a new genre of  communication. 

Check the periodic table of texting below:

Try the matching exercise below and learn some of the most common texting abbreviations.

Now try translating the following text messages into common language.

This is part of an essay written by a Scottish 13-year-old secondary school pupil. Work in pairs reading the texting and ‘translating’ it into English.

"My smmr hols wr CWOT. B4, we used 2 go 2 NY 2C my bro, his GF & thr 3 :- @ kds FTF. ILNY, its gr8. Bt my Ps wr so {:-/ BC o 9/11 tht thay dcdd 2 stay in SCO & spnd 2 wks up N. Up N, WUCIWUG -- 0. I ws vvv brd in MON. 0 bt baas & ^^"

Make your own dialogues in this site with the help of this other site and send me the screenshot.

Look at the infographic below and try to get the information needed to answer these questions:

  • How many mobile phones are there in the world?
  • Which country has the highest number of phone subscribers?
  • Who holds the record for the fastest typing on a phone?
  • What did she type?
  • How fast can you type it?

Finally, a couple of jokes:

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  1. Answer
    My summer holidays were a complete waste of time. Before, we used to go to
    New York to see my brother, his girlfriend and their three screaming kids face to
    face. I love New York, it's a great place.
    But my parents were so worried because of the terrorism attack on September
    11 that they decided we would stay in Scotland and spend two weeks up north.
    Up north, what you see is what you get - nothing.
    I was extremely bored in the middle of nowhere. Nothing but sheep and