Thursday, 23 May 2013


I know this is an ambitious project which has taken you long hours to complete. It's been a long process where you've had to make some research, process the information found, perform, record and edit, but I really think it has been worth the effort.

You have displayed great IMAGINATION, CREATIVITY and the best SENSE OF HUMOR and here are your results. 


GALILEO NEWS 1: by Inés, Lorena, Carmen & Irene M.

GALILEO NEWS 2: by Ivan, Daniel, Manuel and Sergio

GALILEO NEWS 3: by Irene B., Ana, Guillermo, Paula and Irene G.

GALILEO NEWS 4: by Maria, Sara, Alvaro, Zoraida and Isaac.

GALILEO NEWS 5: by Lucía, Rocío, Ana Z. and Laura

GALILEO NEWS 6: by Laura D., Nora and Paola
Now it's time to cast your vote below. Remember to enter your name and to give the reason for your choice. And please, refrain from voting for yourselves.

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