Sunday, 10 February 2013


How do we feel when we are in love?
What effects does love have in our brain and body?

Discuss the following questions with your partner:

We are going to watch a short documentary film called "The Love Competition". What could it be about? Do you think some people can love more than others?

The Love Competition from Brent Hoff on Vimeo.

  • 1:27': What's the competition about? What are the rules?
  • How do you feel when you're in love? Do yo feel more or less...stressed     alert   motivated   sad   attractive   afraid   obsessive   aggressive  anxious    trusting?
  • Checkthe brain graphic document which shows the different emotions we feel when we love. Is there anything surprising in the graphic?

  • 8:04' Write down the following information about the seven contestants.Name/Age/ Type of love/ How they feel after the experiment
  • 13:37': Who do you think the winner is?

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