Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Newtown Massacre

America has been shaken once again by a massive school shooting, this time at a kindergarten in Newtown, Connecticut. 
Casualties: 20 children and 7 adults.

As it is stated on the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, American citizens have the right to defend themselves by keeping and using arms: "the right of the people to keep and bear arms". The National Riffle Assocication has been the greatest defender of this right since its foundation. However, after the deadly Newton shooting it has gone silent.

Listen to the track and try to fill in the gaps. You can click on ? to know about the number of words needed. Send me a screenshot with your results.

Lesson by Breaking News English

Role-Play Activity

Role  A – Barack Obama
You think the time has come to take guns out of society. Tell the others three reasons why. You will not listen to politicians who say, "people kill people; guns don't kill people". Banning guns is now your biggest aim as President. You think gun crime embarrasses the USA around the world.
Role  B – NRA chairman
You are tired of the same arguments every time there's a tragedy. Tell the others three reasons why. The problem is society. More money should be spent on mental health issues to stop people going on mass shootings. People in America need guns to protect themselves.
Role  C – Anti-gun Jo Public
You want all guns removed from American society. Tell the others three reasons why. You don't understand why in America gun ownership is a right but free healthcare is not. You think Obama is weak and cannot get anything done on gun control. The NRA chairman is crazy.
Role  D – Pro-gun Jo Public
You need your gun. Tell the others three reasons why. Guns are a part of America's tradition. Guns keep society feeling safe. No one will try to burgle your house because people know you have five guns. The police cannot be everywhere to protect you. Guns can.


  1. Teacher how can I send you the screenshot?
    Zoraida Palacios 1bach c

  2. ROLE A
    Three main reasons that explain why we must take guns out of society in the USA.
    1. In the USA anybody can buy a gun only with a few requeriments because it's an american right. But this requeriments aren't enough to know if the person who buys the gun will use it right.
    2. Anybody mustn't have a gun in their house because only a few people know how to use a gun.
    3. All this reason make easy that somebody use his gun to be responsible for a massacre like Newtown Massacre.