Sunday, 18 September 2011


Most Secondary Education teachers in Madrid are feeling quite demoralized at the beginning of this school year due to the budget cuts imposed by the regional government. We sadly see how all the hard work and sacrificices made in the past years have been crushed into mere dust thanks to the miscalculation of those in power. It's not the two-extra hours that we're complaining about but the fewer teachers and the more students per class. Having students grouped into different sets according to their competence in English enabled teachers to attend diversity among students. However, this year's cuts will make them impossible.
The situation is not better in other countries, such as Chile or even USA, where they risk losing some good teachers. Nonetheless, there will always be people who speak up for teachers in public education. Matt Damon, whose mother is a teacher, made a speech in favour of public education in USA.

Wath the video and try to answer the questions below:

1. How many children did Matt Damon's mother have?
2. Why is Matt bald?
3. How did Matt get to the rally?
4. What did he learn at school?
5. What does he think about tests?
6. Why didn't he take standard tests?
7. What should teachers do rather than test students' knowledge?
8. What does he appreciate more now that he's older?
9. Who is behind teachers, thanking them?

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  1. 1. Damon´s mother had two children
    2. because he was working on a new film
    3. he went to the rally by changing planes
    4. he learnt his imagination. his love of acting, his passion for writing, his love of learning, his curiosity
    5. he thinks that they are stupid tests.
    6. because he wouldn´t tell him anything amd make him nervous.
    7. the teachers should see student´s strengths and help them realize their talents
    8. the teachers he had in the past
    9. there are millions, an army of regular people behind the teachers.