Saturday, 15 January 2011

SLAM by Nick Hornby

I hope you are enjoying the book assigned to you this year. The simple fact of reading an unabridged book in English will be quite a feat for you and surely I will acknowledge it.
As agreed, you are going to think of some questions for each of the chapters of  "Slam" and we will discuss them in class.
In order to help you collaborate and make this task more interesting, I have created a document where you will type out your questions and you will all be sharing. In this way, all of you will know the questions your classmates have asked.
The final test will be based on these questions. So take good notice!
If you click on the image below you will be taken straight to the document with the questions. I have typed the first one as an example.

Also in the document below, you can type difficult words or expressions and I'm sure somebody else will help you, or I will, in the last resort. But remember that you mustn't understand every single word in the book. If you come across a difficult word, don't stop, keep reading and only if you think you're losing track of the story, you should check a dictionary or type your word in the document.
You can also help your classmates by translating the word or expression.

You should also know that I will always know who is collaborating in one or another document.

Here you can find the mistakes you made in the Slam exam

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