Monday, 1 March 2010


On Friday 5th we're going to see a famous Shakespeare's play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream" with students at BTO.
Dreams and reality, mixed identities, unrequited love, the supernatural, mythological and mortal beings all come together in one of Shakespeare's most celebrated comedies not forgetting the distinctive touch of humour, gags and songs that Face2Face brings to all its shows.

In the following link you can download a sheet with a short summary of the play and below you have some comprenhension questions I strongly advise you to answer before watching the play to make sure you understand the plot and the general setting. You can write your answers in the following VoiceThread or say them aloud. Don't forget to introduce yourselves so that I can reward those students who answer the questions.


  1. 1-The play takes place in the wood
    2-Because Demetrius don't love her
    3-Puck. The fairy
    4-The prepare the play
    5-Because he lost a fight with Titania
    6-The person who recives the juice in her eye fall in love with the first person he watches
    7-He mess up to Lysander with Demetrius
    8-The fairyes because the fairies didn't exist

  2. Diana Larra - 1ºbach.A

    1.- The play takes place in Midsummer.
    2.- Because Hermias loves Dysander.
    3.- The first non-human character is Puck, the servant to Oberon and Titania.
    4.- The actors fight using their magic powers.
    5.- Because Titania wins Oberon, and he is humiliated.
    6.- The effect of the magic flower, is that the person who recives the juice in the eye, fall in love with the first person he/she watches.
    7.- Puck mess up by putting the love potion in the wrong lovers eyes.

  3. 1.- It takes place in midsummer
    2.- Becaus Hernia was in love with Dysander
    3.- Puck
    4.- They are fighting
    5.- Because Oberon lost a fight with Tiana
    6.- When you drop the juice into your eyes you fall in love with te first person you see.
    7.- Puck mess up the story putting the magic juice into the wrong eyes.

  4. 1- in a forest
    2- hernia was inlove of Lysander
    3- PUCK
    4- they fight
    5- oberon loses and gets humiliated
    6- A person wich receives the flower gets in love of the first thing he sees....... Wish I had it!
    7- Puck messes it all up.