Saturday, 19 December 2009


Now that 2009 is coming to its end, it's time to remember important events that took place along the year and since loads of you love rap we are going to do it in rap. Watch the video but don't forget to read the lyrics or you won't understand much.
Add a comment with at least two of the most important events mentioned in the song.

2009: The Year in Rap

Blake “Escher”:

When the ball dropped on 2009,
The economy was bad, I ain’t gonna be lying,
Unemployment was high and it started to climb,
Bush was our President for short of time,
On January 20th, the first black President,
Obama, stepped in like a veteran,
Beyonce sang “At Last” –
Then Etta James said that she would whup her fast,
So Obama got a stimulus passed,
Hundreds of billion in cash,
Some thought the spending wasn’t okay,
So the threw more tea parties than Earl Grey,
It’s sorta major that Sotomayor,
Is the first Latino on the Supreme Court,
Health reform? Wait for the medicine,
Didn’t happen, we’ll check in again in 2010.

Devon “TeeDome”:

Iran chose their president for tomorrow,
People thought he cheated, and protests followed,
We saw Iceland’s money declined,
So bleak, they even had to close Mickey D’s,
The world seemed troubled at times,
Packed with conflicts in 2 double-0 9,
North Korea held two US journalists captive,
Until Bill Clinton got active ,
Ukraine and Russia had a fight,
Over gas when Russia cut off the supply,
Leaving Europeans in need of petroleum,
Other wars show no signs of folding in,
In Afghanistan we’re at war too,
The prez is about to send over more troops,
Promote peace, that’s the best way
We can improve for the next decade.


2009 saw plenty of action,
Let’s start with a shout out to Michael Jackson,
The King of Pop had us all wishing he was living,
And when he died, he nearly took the internet with him,
But it won’t stop the party,
And celebration for the discovery of “Ardi”
The oldest known human ancestor remains,
And if ya look at us today man it ain’t much changed,
Its strange – knowing that there’s water on the moon,
And with Global Warming dude, we could be moving there soon,
And the net is ridiculous,
A year ago, nobody could tell you what “Twitter” is,
09 was great, but for some, hit or miss,
Like Kanye West when he dissed Taylor Swift,
Flocab brought you the Year in Rap,
2009 was fine, in 2010 we’ll be back!


  1. In my opinion the 2 most important events were the economy that was very bad, and the death of Michael Jackson, that schoked the entire world.

  2. I acknowledge your participation again, Guilherme.